“In the midst of every crisis, lies a great opportunity” said Albert Einstein.


In today’s scenario, where the humans are struggling hard to find a cure for the virus, Economies are struggling to stay afloat & businesses are seriously considering the runways, the role of vigorous PR is of utmost importance. The crisis has brought Fashion PR Agencies in Delhi on their toes where they have to work comprehensively and build brands. Here is why PR is important for you and your brand during Covid-19 crisis.
1- Crisis is an opportunity
Images are built during crisis while businesses are saved. One should focus on building reputation during tough times. Your content at this point of time is important. You need to reach out to your audience and try creating a solid image by providing them relevant information and position yourself or the brand as a thought leader.
2- Do I really have content? 
While searching for an answer to this question, always remember, that Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life. People have enough time and they are looking for great content. Speak to your Fashion PR agency in India, connect with your communication specialist team and deep dive into the pool of content or information you might have.
3- But what about my budgets?
Of Course the economy has slowed down and so are the funds. However, while budgeting, you’ll have to understand that PR is not an expense. It is an imperative investment that you make for a better future. Cost cutting to create longer runways is essential too. But ‘communication’ will always find you a way out. Try coordinating with your Fashion PR Agency in Delhi and see if they could provide you with a desired cushion.
4- Try and help
Yes, humans & businesses both need help. During the crisis, look outward to find ways to help the community including other stakeholders. This might not sound like a prominent marketing act, but it will surely help you create a ‘solid brand’ image that will be appreciated by the audience.
5- Focus and analysis is important
The whole world is under lockdown. There is literally a No or Nil movement happening. During such times, you need to analyses and put focus on the platforms that are more relevant for you and your brand. How & where to reach your audience is a vital task. Always remember, there are work or the projects that you must have put on hold in the past. Now, it could be the best time to dig into those projects and see how they work out.